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HP3070在线测试仪硬件知识boot过程 http://www.wjcyc.com   

HP3070 Boot的过程其实是主机通过系统卡与机器间上电和自检的过程.

Self-test and boot routines are stored in ROM on the System Card and the Control Cards. The self-test routine verifies that a card is functioning normally. The boot routines downloaded operating system and utility programs to the cards and start them running. The System Card's boot routine includes initiating the self-test and boot routines on the Control Cards. We take the Serial 3 system card for example.The self-test and boot routines run in the following order:

1. When the System Card is powered up, its self-test runs automatically. When the testhead is booted, the System Card is reset and its self-test runs again


.2. When the self-test is completed, the System Card runs its boot, which downloads its operating system and utility programs from the system controller.


3. The System Card powers up and resets all module Control Cards. This initiates their self-test routines.

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